shus_songbook (shus_songbook) wrote in gravi_awards,

Week 182: Submission

Ick 2 Hours late, new baby hamsters are quite distracting creatures.

Theme 1: Elements If the Gravi charc's have an element association what would they be? Fire, water, air, earth, metal, spirit...Images or words will do!

Theme 2: Emoti-cons Who doesn't like a cute little emoticon attached to your image/message?

[x] You may submit up to 2 icons (you may use the same theme twice).
[x] Include which theme you are using with each submission.
[x] Do not use livejournal user pics as a form of hosting.
[x] If you use fanart, provide a link to the fanartist's website/image location.
[x] Submit both icon and URL to this screened post by March 28th.
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