Liquescence (liquescence) wrote in gravi_awards,

Week 183: Submission

Hello, it is Friday and so that means it's time for another week of themes.

Theme 1: Colors of the Rainbow. There are only seven colors that may be used in this theme and they are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and indigo. I heard somewhere that the colors might have changed, but I still want to go with the old version. So have fun with this. There are also three options: either the whole icon is shades of one of the seven colors, or everything else is black and white except one of the seven colors, or the main color of the icon is one of the seven.

Theme 2: Constellations. Okay, I know that everyone loves to look at the stars at night and point out the constellations that you know which are probably only the little and big dipper...haha. (That's the truth about me!!) So here is your chance to see how well you can use those constellations. For cheating purposes, I have some of the names located here.

[x] You may submit up to 2 icons (you may use the same theme twice).
[x] Include which theme you are using with each submission.
[x] Do not use livejournal user pics as a form of hosting.
[x] If you use fanart, provide a link to the fanartist's website/image location.
[x] Submit both icon and URL to this screened post by April 4th.

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